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We Offer a Variety of Massage to Benefit Your Specific Need!
Swedish Massage
This massage technique is highly recommended for those who have never had bodywork done.  It tends to use long soothing and kneading strokes that help in relaxing both the mind and body, while still addressing those areas of concern.
Deep Tissue Massage
A technique that deals with the deeper layer of soft tissue, generally focusing on chronic areas of pain or discomfort.  This technique may tend to be painful while working in more sensitive areas.  This massage technique is very popular for people that participate in a higher level of activity or sports.
Combination Massage
This is a combination of swedish and deep tissue massage that is both a relaxing and therapeutic massage that will provide for general relief in targeted areas of knots and stress levels within the muscles.  We will work to use techniques that will reduce the discomfort of tightness and knots in the neck, shoulders, and lower back areas.
Hot Stone Massage
This massage uses a swedish massage in combination with hot stones that can be combined with an aromatherapy oil if desired, this will provide deep heat to the areas of tension and also aid in better circulation.
Geriatric Massage
A massage that is soft and relaxing for people 65 and older.  This massage will provide the benefits of a standard swedish massage, however, it is a softer massage for people with delicate skin.

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