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 Read what my clients have to say about their experience here at Countryside Massage & Skin Care Center
 on the online scheduling page by clicking on the link below.

7-25-08 Concepcion Garcia
Olivia, I am very happy with my massage. I felt very relaxed from all my stress and relieved from the pain in my muscles. I felt a big difference after my massage. Thank you very much and I wish you the best.
7-25-08 J. A. Garcia
My first time I had a massage and I loved it! I feel great and relaxed more. Most likely I will be back again, I probably know what to give my brother for his birthday.
7-08       D.B.
Olivia, my first here, I really needed it and enjoyed it, thank you a bunch.
7-08       Tim C.
7-29-08  Kelly S.
I am so grateful for you, Olivia. My only complaint is with myself for not coming every month! You help to heel my tension but also my heart in turn. Thank you so much . I will see you very soon!    All the Best, Kelly
8-2-08  J. B.
Appreciate you coming on Saturdays. We have stressful weeks and Sat puts everything in perspective. Great massage!
8-2-08  Nel B.
Olivia, You've been a bright spot at the end of my weeks for a long time! The power of massage to calm the body and put things in perspective for the mind , is hypnotic.
8-08     Tim C.
Thanks for healing my sore muscles. You always work out the knots
8-08     Natalie G.
Olivia, Thank you for the wonderful massage! I especially liked the hot stones! I'll be back soon! Thanks
8-08     Guena
Olivia, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! This may be my first visit but definitely not my last. I will see you soon. Thanks
8-08     Lou
Can not describe how much better I feel. Back can actually move again!! Thank you.
9-08     Debie S.
Olivia, I thank god daily for making sure our paths crossed! I couldn't say enough about the massages. Your special touch has some spiritual angel behind it that leaves me so relaxed when I leave and I'm thankful each time I see you! But more importantly, I am thankful for our friendship and Sundays @ church!
9-08     Vickie
Thank you, You make my stress go away. Thank you
9-08     Eddie
I really enjoy and look forward to my massages. It is so relaxing and helps to reduce the everyday stress and gives a sense of wellbeing. Thanks Olivia
9-08     Mitzi
Olivia, Thank you for the best 1 hour I get every 3 weeks- my chance to relax and escape! Thank you to for the friendship and for listening to me when I have needed to vent. Love, Mitzi
10-08   Doreen D.
Thank you, Olivia, You have no idea how much I needed a great massage. You are fantastic. I will sleep better tonight! Blessings
10-08   Flint
You are amazing. Your attention to detail is second to none. You make me feel renewed. I love that you pray during your session. God bless you
10-08   Flint
WOW!! You left me speechless. Absolutely amazing. God bless you
10-08   Lou
Thank you for some tranquility in my otherwise chaotic life
10-30-08  Celeste S.
Thank you so much for my relaxing time- your hands are amazing.
11-5-08    Perla G.
Thank you for the wonderful experience! At 32 wks pregnant it was just what I needed!
11-7-08    Tracy H.
Olivia, You are such a blessing and inspiration every time I see you. Not to mention, a true professional and great massage therapist. Blessings
11-7-08    Randy H.
Thanks for caring for Tracy and I. We love you.
11-20-08  Laneta B.
Thank you so much for the most amazing 2 hrs! Thanks for making me feel like a pampered Queen!
12-08        Ross
You are wonderful!
12-18-08  Celeste
Thanks for making my stresses of the world go away! I feel so much better.
1-17-09    Chenika
Thanks Mrs. Olivia, you are wonderful! You always make me want to stay longer!
1-17-09    Andrea P.
Thanks for relieving my stress and making me feel at peace!! You were wonderful!! This is your purpose - God has blessed you with wonderful healing hands and you are blessing everyone with your amazing ability. Thanks again, i will set aside time to see you soon and will bring some guests along the way!!
2-13-09   Michelle
Thank you very much Olivia. I truly enjoyed it. You are really great. It really helped me with my stress! Loved the hot stones and hot towel to! I will be back! Thank you again!
2-17-09   Maria S.
Me encantan tus masajes, haces muy buen trabajo, que Dios te bendiga esas manos que son como seda que se deslisan sobre mi cuerpo. Me relajan de el estres. Gracias y nos vemos en un mes.
3-09         Kelly S.
Thank you- wonderful as always! I feel so much better! Best Regards
3-12-09  Elizabeth F.
Thank you Olivia! You have very strong healing hands. I will be back!
4-17-09  Michelle P.
Olivia, Once again- Thank you very much. Enjoyed it! Can't wait to come back!
5-08-09  Celeste S.
You have made me feel so wonderful- don't know why I waited so long to come back- thanks for making my afternoon great- you have the "magic" touch.
5-09-09  Liz
Olivia.. WOW is all I can say! Out of all the massages I have ever gotten this was the ABSOLUTE BEST! I leave here feeling as though my heart, soul, and mind are healed. Thank you so much.
6-15-09  Winoka R.
Olivia, you are da Best, this was my first time gettin a actual professional massage and you made it feel like I've been cheating myself all this time... I must do this again. Everything was awesome. Thanks alot
6-16-09   Lakuita
You have a good "touch" and are a good therapist. Thank you
6-20-09    Joel M.
Thanks, that was great, felt so good, will be back
Olivia is a life-saver!! Got rid of my aches, pains and stress
8-28-09    Sarah G.
This was the most relaxed I've been in a while! Magic hands should be your nickname! Thank you so much!
8-31-09    Chenika
Thanks again Mrs. Olivia for one of your miracle massages right before I have a long journey ahead of me!
9-3-09      Tina
Thanks for making my day! Very soothing massage, you hit all the right spots!
9-15-09  Linda B. Tucson AZ.
I feel like I'm in a coma. Wish I could feel this relaxed all the time. Hope my clients feel this great after their massage. Thank You
9-09        Lou
Needed to decompress more than I realized. Thank you for bringing me back from the dead ;)
9-16-09  Daniella
It was amazing. I felt so tense about having my baby tomorrow and now I feel stress free! Thanks!
10-31-09  Julie 
Olivia, you are the best! Thank you for doing what you do!
11-10-09  Paul
11-19-09  Flint
Absolutely Amazing!!
1-11-10    Chenika
You did it once again Olivia! You always know how to make me feel relaxed!!
1-22-10    Cheryl
Thank you very much for helping ease my stress level! Hope someone gives you the same in return for your stress!
1-25-10    Lou
Simply, Thank you!
1-29-10    Kathy
It was amazing!
2-4-10      Summer
I feel so much better, I appreciate your talent and skills, I'll be back, Thanks

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